The Initiative

Missing Persons Advocacy Network is an organisation that provides support and advice to families and friends of missing persons.

Social media has always been a powerful tool to spread a message, fast. Now, Facebook’s facial recognition technology can help even more.

Help with one click

All you have to do is Add Friend. That’s it.
Facebook will do the rest.

Your feed won’t be filled with posts or images.
These profiles will be an invisible friend sitting in your friendship list.

But it might help bring someone home.

Some common questions
Does facial recognition work in videos?

Yes, photos and videos.

Do I have to tag these people in my photos?

No. Facebook automatically scans for their face in your photos and the notification is sent to their profile.

What happens after they are recognised?

The administrators of the missing person’s profile (friends or family) will receive the notification that their loved one has been seen.

What if someone wanted to use this tech to keep tabs on me?

They can’t. The very reason Facebook introduced this tech was to stop that from happening.

For example: If Anna has an ex who wanted to keep tabs on her, he could make a new profile using photos of her. However this tech would then alert Anna that someone has made a profile using her image and she could address the problem.

How can we be sure that these people are really missing?

Each profile with the watermark ensures that the individual has been reported as missing to police, and that the family and friends have concerns for their welfare as verified by communication to MPAN.

I want to help, but I don’t add friends on Facebook if I don’t actually know them. Who will be looking at my profile if I do add an Invisible Friend?

All verified accounts will be managed by Missing Persons Advocacy Network (MPAN). Profiles of community members who have friended an Invisible Friend will not be viewed.

How can an Invisible Friend be searching that many photos?

The automatic tagging not only works for friends but also friends of friends. Meaning when any of your friends post photos with the audience set to friends of friends, they’re also joining the search.

The facts

Want to help further?

MPAN is an an unfunded non-profit run entirely upon donations.
If you’d like to contribute, please click here.

If you would like to do this for yourself get in touch.