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    Glenda Morgan

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    For years, I have fought to become a better person that I am today. I never regret having met a lot of friends in the past and until now I can say I still have a small circle of true friends that have all witnessed my progress. This blog is about that experience which I am really eager to share with everyone.

    Our articles speak about a little or two of what had happened in the past. My team and I (who happen to be that ‘small circle’) became brave enough to speak our minds finally, after suppressing the idea of being by yourself and still be happy. I have been through those emotional ups and downs and I am proud to say that I have overcome it and embraced it wholeheartedly as I have accepted my fate and ‘calling’ in life.

    But don’t get me wrong, your happiness can still be found with someone who is also looking for you for the same purpose. I hope you love my stories and I hope it gets read by someone who’s also been struggling to live alone.