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    Surprising Benefits Of Being By Yourself

    1 year ago · · Comments Off on Surprising Benefits Of Being By Yourself

    Surprising Benefits Of Being By Yourself

    Humans are social creatures, and that’s why apart from having a family at home, we also have a large social circle of friends. We do everything together, including work, sports, religion, and other activities. What most people don’t understand is that spending all your time with others decimates your growth as a person. 

    Although spending time with friends and family is great, spending some time alone is the best thing you can do for yourself. Unlike what some people think, you can reap enormous benefits if you choose to spare some time for yourself. In this guide, we have rounded up 10 surprising benefits of being alone. 

    1. You Focus On Yourself 

    One essential thing that you miss when you spend all your time with friends, co-workers, and family is self-reflection. You don’t get to think about yourself, what you want, how you are doing, and other questions that can help improve your life. But when you spend time alone, you will be able to have a conversation with yourself. You will be to ask yourself questions and get answers to things that matter in your life. So, you will be able to focus on yourself and make conscious decisions that improve your life. 

    2. You Feel Energised 

    Being around people all the time may feel fun, but what you don’t know is that it keeps draining your energy. Getting in conversation, quarrels, hopping from one club to the other, and other things that makes social life fun will get you exhausted. Sometimes, the group you are in is giving you unnecessary pressure. But when you spare some time for yourself; you will get your batteries recharged. With a more positive attitude and zero fatigue, you will feel more energised. 

    3. You Value Yourself More 

    One of the biggest problems that most people are struggling with is self-devaluation. There is a huge number of people that feel less valuable and important in life. But this comes as a result of comparing themselves with other people in their social circle. They feel inferior because they have never had time to rediscover themselves. When you spend time alone, you are able to identify your weakness and strength. Then you can capitalise on the two to improve your value.  

    4. Improved productivity 

    Better accessibility equals more productivity

    When all your day to day life is tagged to a groupie, it becomes very difficult to be productive. You cannot plan anything for yourself successfully without interruptions from other people. But when you start spending time alone, you will be able to learn how to schedule your time for things that matter in your life. You will plan on how to maximise your time, and this will significantly increase your productivity. Note that there will be less fatigue, plus you can create more time for any task. 

    5. You Get Know Yourself Better 

    You will be surprised to learn that you know nothing about yourself. That’s the case with most people, especially the youths. To get meaning to your life, you need to know yourself and what your agenda in life is. But when you are hanging around with friends most of the time, then you will be carrying their agendas. But when you spend time alone, concentrate on yourself. You will discover things that you like doing, and this will be life-changing.  

    6. Change Your Life Trajectory 

    One of the biggest benefits of being alone is turning your life around. Most people in groupies live a life that is not theirs. They spend a lot of time drinking but not because they like drinking – it’s all because of the company. Some are in crime because of the company that they keep. When you spare some time for yourself alone, you get to reflect on things happening in your life. If you don’t like it, you can turn around and start living a new life.  

    7. You Feel Less Judged 

    Nothing can be intimidating and stressful than feel judged. You feel deeply affected by what other people say about you, and this could result in stress and depression, among other psychological disorders. But most people who feel judged have low self-esteem. They don’t know who they are, and that’s why they get affected when people comment negatively on them. But when you spend time alone and discover your strength and weakness, you will never feel judged again. In fact, you care less about people’s opinions. 

    8. Improved Self-Confidence 

    Only when you become self-conscious that your self-confidence will improve. People with low self-confidence usually have a problem of comparing themselves with others. They don’t know themselves; hence they can exploit their potential. But with spending time alone, you will rediscover yourself and what you can do best. This will improve your confidence tremendously. Once you know your strength and weakness, you will not need validation from other people for the things you do.  

    9. Good Decision Making 

    A lot of us have made bad decisions that we ended up regretting. If you look back, most of these bad decisions got influenced by the people around us. Some people made bad decisions such as getting into drugs, wrong careers, bad relationships, and others, because of their social circle. When you start spending time alone, you get to clear your mind and see things from your own perspective and not through external influence. That’s when you be able to make good decisions in your life. 

    Focused young African female entrepreneur working on her business

    10. Improved Mental Health 

    One of the biggest benefits of being alone is improved mental health. It is very stressful when you take a lot of pressure from people in your social circle. But when you love being alone, you will shed off stressing thoughts and clear your mind. This means your mental health will be improved. 

    Being alone does not mean living a lonely lifestyle. It is just getting time for yourself alone to reflect on life. Creating time to be alone help you rediscover and get in tune with yourself. Try it, and it will change your life. 

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    Glenda Morgan

    Glenda Morgan

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