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    Most Effective Ways To Cut A Toxic Friend Out Of Your Life

    1 year ago · · Comments Off on Most Effective Ways To Cut A Toxic Friend Out Of Your Life

    Most Effective Ways To Cut A Toxic Friend Out Of Your Life

    If you look keen on your friends, there are kind of personalities. Some are good friends who make you feel comfortable and boosts your morale. But there are others that are referred to as ‘toxic.’ These are friends that keeps pulling you down. They are emotionally demanding, narcissistic and always talking behind your back. These are the kinds of friends that you need to cut out of your life. 

    Avoiding toxic friends can be hard because they have a way of luring themselves back to your life. They are your friend, after all. So, how do you ensure that you are cutting a toxic friend out of your life? In this guide, we are providing you with 10 best tips on how to cut toxic friends from your life for good. 

    1. Identify their Toxicity 

    To get rid of a toxic friend from your life for good, you need to find a compelling reason to why you don’t need them anymore. The best way to find a convincing reason is to understand their toxicity. You need to know how they have been affecting you negatively. There are all kinds of toxicity. There are friends who are manipulative and always wanting to misuse. Others are just selfish and jealous and always pulling you down. So, investigate their toxicity to make the right convincing decision. 

    2. Don’t Expect Them To Change 

    One mistake that people make is expecting that their toxic friends will change. So, don’t waste your time telling them to change because you can’t force them. Maybe they like what they do. Maybe they feel good when dressing you down to your face. Toxic people are not out there to make other people feel good but to satisfy their complex problems. So, it is much easier to let them go than waiting for them to change.  

    3. Don’t Be Sentimental 

    Another mistake that people make when trying to cut off toxic friends is being sentimental. That’s why they end up allowing such friends with negative energy back in their life. By virtual of being your friends, you must have good memories of the times that you had fun together. Don’t think about the good past because it will blind you from reality. If you believe that they are toxic, don’t even think about the good past you had with them. Just burn the bridges and move on. 

    4. Delete Everything 

    To get toxic friends out of your life means getting them out of everything, including your social media profiles. Delete them from your Facebook, Instagram and other platforms to prevent stalking temptations. Delete their number from your phone and block them from texting and calling. If you have their text messages and phone recordings on your phone plus digital platforms, delete them. The idea is to ensure that there is no way that you can get connected with them. 

    mobile phone using social media

    5. Set Boundaries 

    Once you decide to cut a toxic friend for good, you need to set new boundaries. You need to keep the friend(s) away as much as possible. Toxic people will always try to find ways to get back to that one sided friendship using your weak points. Therefore, you need to set boundaries and stick with them long-term. If you promised yourself not to respond to any of their attempts to reach to you, don’t. Don’t respond to emails, chats or any other form of communication from them. 

    6. Don’t Re-engage 

    One of the biggest mistakes that you can make is re-engaging with these friends. Most of the toxic friends have more to gain from you than you can get from them. So, they need you. Therefore, ending the friendship will hurt their interests the most. That’s why they are likely to try to revive the friendship. Don’t be tempted to re-engage even if they cause a drama or try to stalk you. Just walk away boldly to avoid being tricked back into the relationship. 

    7. Be Honest 

    Considering they have been your friends for years, you must get honest with yourself and with them. Don’t just phase them out. Otherwise, you will just be as toxic as them. Unless they are kind of pals you just party with, you need to let them know your intentions if they are intimate friends. You need to communicate with them about your decision to end the friendship. With that, they will know why you left, and they will not pursue you. Perhaps, they will change. 

    8. Make New Friends 

    If the friend meant a lot to you, then you might get lonely after cutting ties with them. To avoid falling into loneliness and stress, you must make a conscious decision to make new friends. This is important because it will help you get over the loss and also prevent you from going back to the’ toxic’ friend. However, it is important that you thoroughly vet new friends to avoid attracting another toxic friend. Go for the like-minded people. 

    9. Know They May Resist 

    man and woman in heated conversation

    Like in a relationship, you don’t expect the friendship to just end like that. Your toxic friend(s) will definitely resist the breakup. They will start throwing tantrums all over when they learn about your decision. So, you need to be ready for resistance. How you handle, it will greatly determine whether they will keep stalking you or not. The trick is to avoid giving in no matter what tricks they use. 

    10. Put Yourself First 

    Last on this list is putting yourself first. There are high chances that you have been putting the needs of your toxic friends first. Now you need to put your own happiness and needs first to cut bad friends out of your life for good. Think about things that make you happy and devote most of your time doing them. You shouldn’t even care about what they feel when you break up the friendship but how your life will be better. 

    Toxic friends bring negative energy in your life. There are not there for you but selfish gains. The best thing you can do for yourself is to cut them out of your life for good, and these are some of the most useful tips to achieve this. 

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    Glenda Morgan

    Glenda Morgan

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